Job Vacancy Announcement: Finance Manager

Deadline for Submission: Thursday, December 6, 2018 (End of Day)

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM) is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit institution that aims for a society that guarantees freedom of expression, belief, human rights and access to justice. Since its establishment in 2004, SCM has been working to defend individuals who are persecuted because of their beliefs, promote human rights, and support and develop professional, independent and critical media.

The SCM currently focuses on human rights violations documentation, litigation for victims, and support for civil society and Syrian media/journalists. Our team members are based in Syria and neighboring countries, as well as Europe and the Americas, and our headquarters are in Paris, France.

The SCM is recruiting for an experienced finance manager who will lead the development of the finance department according to the identified needs and objectives by SCM. We require a relevant university degree or its equivalent, as well as fluency in Arabic, French and English languages. At least 4 years in financial management is required. Please take a look at a closer at the role description and required skills below. If you feel you are qualified for the role, please and send your CV to [email protected] and please add ‘Finance Manager’ in the subject of your e-mail.

Application Deadline

10 days from the date of the announcement

Date of Job Announcement

26 November 2018

Place of Work



Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM)

Employer Profile

Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM) is an independent non-governmental non-profit organization. We seek to build a society that guarantees freedom of expression and belief, human rights, and justice. Our vision is a democratic world based on justice, freedom, equality and respect for human dignity.



Job Title

Finance Manager

No. of Positions Available


Type of Contract and Duration

One Year

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement an institution-wide financial system
  • Monitor and record all income and expenditure in an appropriate manner
  • Manage the processing of payments
  • Prepare and review grant financial reports in accordance with grant agreements
  • Develop the organizational annual budget and participate in project/programme budget development
  • Organize and maintain the internal filing system for all administrative documents (including but not limited to contracts, invoices, and receipts)
  • Lead the development of the organisation’s finance department


Skills and Experience

  • Relevant university degree or equivalent
  • Fluency in Arabic, English and French languages
  • At least four years of experience in financial management
  • At least two years of experience working with accounting programs and tools
  • Proficiency in using computer and internet programs related to the work
  • Proficiency in using Fastfund program
  • Availability and ability to travel
  • Significant and detailed knowledge of the Syrian context especially regarding the involved actors in the conflict
  • A team worker but also able to work individually and under pressure and in complex situations
How to apply

  • The CV must include contact information (telephone number, Skype address), previous experiences with professional references, and academic qualifications
  • Please add three references
  • CV must be in PDF with the full name of the applicant in the title
  • Send your applications to [email protected] and please add (Finance Manager) in the subject of your e-mail
  • Any application received after the deadline will be rejected