VDC: Civilian have the most to lose in operation2

The Violations Documentation Center in Syria is (VDC), in the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression SCM, publishes its second report “Civilian have the most to lose in operation2 ‘peace spring’ This report covers the period between 25 October 2019 until 01 March 2020 through which the VDC team recorded the following violations: 34 violations committed by all parties to the conflict in all regions of north-eastern Syria.

Also, the report recorded death of at least 314 civilians since the beginning of the military operation on 09 October 2019 until 01 March 2020.

The report’s methodology was based, in the first place, on the testimonies and statements of the witnesses who had direct contact with the event. These testimonies and statements were processed according to a special monitoring and documentation methodology adopted by the VDC. This methodology consists of gathering as much information as possible about every violation, including the perpetrator, location, time, and type of violation, along with further statistical properties regarding victims and violations committed by all conflict parties and the interventionists in Syria, regardless of ethnicity, religion, political affiliation or any other trait.

The VDC had issued a first report on “Operation Peace Spring” under the title “CIVILIANS HAVE THE MOST TO LOSE”, in which it monitored the violations committed by all the parties to the conflict between 09 October 2019 until 25 October 2019.

The full report below: